Architectural Application

Aluminium, with its exceptional recyclability, minimal maintenance and proven lifetime performance, successfully responds to the need for environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. In building applications, aluminium virtually always requires surface treatment. Yet, the choice of surface treatment of aluminum is as important as the choice of the material itself.

Anodising enhances the natural qualities of aluminium still further; it permits a strongly contemporary finish with incomparable corrosion and abrasion resistance. Unique amongst surface treatments, such as coatings, anodising is totally integrated with the metallic substrate – it is not simply a film applied to cover the surface. The result pure aluminium is a perfectly and repeatedly recyclable material with remarkable performance characteristics.

Aluminium and electronics fit together in compact discs and commercial lighting, wind turbines and food service equipment. The list of applications is long.

GAL ALUMINIUM EXTRUSIONS is the largest anodisers specialising in architectural applications, with the capability to ensure a homogeneous, high quality architectural finish with a lifetime performance.