GALCO offer the choice of packing to the customers on chargeable basis apart from the regular stretch wrapped and machine sack packing. All material packed under GALCO roof is nearly shock proof bearing the profile no. / weight / pieces rate. Etc.

Once the Quality Assurance Dept. gives clearance, the product is sent through an automatic packing conveyor that ensures online spiral wrapping with stretch wrapping film, weighing, packing it in PP woven fabric and finally strapping in PP and also in wooden boxes according to the customer's requirement.

The computerized Bar Code label attached to each package indicates details such as the section number, bundle number, bundle weight, number of pieces, lot number etc. for accountability and traceability. The modes of packing are customized as per the customer’s requirements and the entire packaging process is automated and done online.

We can offer sea worthy customized packing as per customer’s requirement for its international customers including in wooden box, crates, on movable trollies for easy unloading or as required. Wood used for packing is seasoned and fumigated. It is one thing to manufacture products meeting the highest quality requirements. It is quite another to deliver this material free from damage, punctually, and according to customer wishes.