Powder Coating

Powder coating is the most widespread method of surface coating and provides an almost limitless choice of colours with excellent repeatability of colour matching. GALCO powder coats hundreds of thousands of aluminium extrusion components each year.

Aluminum powder coating is the technique of applying dry paint to an aluminum product by electrostatically charging the powder and spraying it unto the product. At last, aluminum and metal materials can be decorated with various designs - from wood grain to custom picturesque compositions - by the use of powder coating. The result is material that is both durable and versatile, one that can be utilized for nearly any purpose. The product results are superior when aluminum and metal are used, compared to other materials.

GALCO’s commitment to a one stop shop includes the provision of a powder coat facility. Components of up to 6 metres can be powder coated with all RAL colours, including translucents, being available.

We powder coat aluminium extrusion, sheet, components, castings, flashings and pressings for a wide range of market sectors – many demanding the highest possible surface finish.

Powder Coating Process

Powder coating utilizes an electrostatic process where the aluminium extrusion component is jigged onto the powder coat track using specialist jigs to hold the components, maximize throughput and also guarantee surface finish quality. An electric current is passed through the component to attract the powder which is applied via a series of calibrated powder coat ‘guns’ to spray the component in a consistent and efficient manner. The powder is attracted to the electric charge passing through the component and wraps around the component to provide a smooth and consistent process. Prior to the powder coat application, to ensure the right adhesion for the powder, it is vital that good pre-treatment to the aluminium extrusion component has taken place. As maximum powder application and adhesion are a prerequisite of a quality product, excellent pre-treatment is necessary. The pre-treatment consists of degreasing of the aluminium extrusion component, following by a chemical treatment. The chemical treatment provides good adhesion and effective corrosion resistance. After powder coating, controlled curing, or stoving, through large ovens which are computer maintained to ensure an effective and efficient process, takes place. Once removed from the oven, the powder coated aluminium extrusion component will be ready for careful packing. The powder coat thickness to the component is between 70 to 130 microns, depending on the powder utilized and the finish requirement.

The main benefits of powder coating are :

» no risk of running or blistering
» Do you require a matt or bright finish?
» consistent surface appearance (colour and texture)
» powder coatings are able to withstand knocks and abrasions
» powder coated components can be used in internal and external environments – they offer good UV and corrosion resistance